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Astral Rift

Astral Rift

Astral Rift is a Co-Op arena brawler where up to 4 players fight off waves after waves of enemies. Astral Rift features 3 unique characters; the golem, the knight and the mage.


The golem is a tanky character well versed in melee combat. With him players can get into the fray and cause some mayhem.


The knight is an agile character who is skilled in moving in and around combat. The knight requires more skill to play than the other characters, but his abilities are well worth the effort.


The mage is a highly destructive character with little health. Playing the mage offers players the typical glass cannon playstyle.


Each character has 4 unique abilities, ranging from simple basic attacks to devastating ultimate abilities.


I worked closely with a team of 10 other people to create Astral Rift. I designed characters, their ability sets, dialogue, did VO work (I am the golem), as well as countless other things. The main gameplay was actually modeled off a prototype designed by myself and Chuck Silvers. We saw a need to change direction from our initial idea and began to create the foundation for what would later become Astral Rift.

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