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Technical Skills:

  • Level Design: Zero Engine (Python), knowledge of various 2D tile-based editors, Unreal Engine 4, currently using custom engine

  • Programming: Intermediate Knowledge of Python, C++, C, XML, learning LUA

  • Visualization Tools: proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, some experience with MAYA (Grey-boxing)

  • Other: Visual Studio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Tortoise SVN, Wiki, Doxygen, Slack/Trello

Design + Other Skills:

  • Design: 3D & 2D game design, combat systems design/balancing, Graphic Adventure design, 3D & 2D Level Design, Character Design, Narrative Design, Systems Design, Rapid Prototyping, UI/UX Design, Tabletop Game Design and Production

  • Writing: Excellent skills for writing dialog/dialog trees, story and cut-scenes as well as character design and development. Skilled in voice acting.

  • Production: Strong Leader/communication skills, versed in Agile/Scrum methodologies, working with various teams (art/sound/design/tech), knowledge of art and sound content pipelines.

Design + Producer Experience:

Networked Co-Op First Person Shooter: Use alien technology to traverse the interior of a seemingly abandoned spaceship and blast through your foes with the powerful T1T4N weapon.

Jobs: Level Design, Narrative Design, Playtesting, Work Closely with Art, Sound, and Design teams for a completely cohesive experience.

  • Hired as Lead Designer to lead the Design, Art, and Sound teams to a unified vision.

  • Lead the team with my World Building, 3D Level Design, and Narrative Design

Chrono-Drive - Lead Designer/Level Designer
Senior Game Project for PC using custom C++ Engine, Team of 16, Current
Astral Rift - Lead Designer/Playtest Lead
Junior Game Project for PC using custom C++ Engine, Team of 7, July 2013-May 2014

Co-Op Arena Brawler featuring 3 unique characters; packed with over the top abilities and visual effects.

Jobs: Level Design, Character Design, Systems Design, Enemy Design, Wave Design, Playtesting

  • Designed Character Abilities, Wrote and Performed Character Dialogue

  • Was promoted to Lead partway through the project, lead the change in direction for game design.

  • In charge of gameplay: testing and iterating on the multiple characters and enemy types, balancing abilities and stats

Brawlsa - Lead Designer/Playtest Lead/Producer/Art Director
Sophomore Game Project for PC using custom C++ Engine, Team of 4, August 2012-April 2013

Platformer Beat-em Up where you play as a Luchador who gains different abilities based on which mask he has equipped.

Jobs: Level Design, Character Design, System Design, Enemy Design, Playtesting

  • Management of Art Assets, Team, Game Production, and Playtesting/QA

  • Created each level to reward the player with a mask/new ability and then built each level so they must master that ability to complete it.

  • Designed each of the unique abilities as well as the corresponding mask/outfit as well as animations to showcase each ability.

B.A.C.O.N.B.E.A.R.S. T.O.W.E.R.D.E.F.E.N.S.E. - Lead Designer/Playtest Lead/Producer/Art Director
Freshman Game Project for PC using C++ Engine, Team of 4, January 2012-April 2012

Tower Defense game with 14 different pig themed enemy types, a strong breakfast theme, and of course bacon.

Jobs: Level Design, Character Design, System Design, Enemy Design, Wave Design, Playtesting

  • Management of Art Assets, Team, Game Production, and Playtesting/QA

  • Balanced 20 waves with over 14 different enemy variants

  • Designed each enemy to be unique as well as fit within the theme (pigs and breakfast)

Solo Student Projects - Game Designer/Programmer/Artist

  • Unreal 4: 3D Level Design, Technical Camera Projects, and Split-Screen Multiplayer Game

  • Zero Engine (Python): Colors - 2D Exploration Platformer, Remember Everything - Digital Memory Puzzle Game, S.C.R.U.B. - Digital Top-Down Shooter, The Broken Bond - Text Based Narrative Adventure

  • Board Games: Morale - Table Top Strategy Game, Ninja Strike - Table Top Strategy Game, Team Fortress 2: The Board Game - Class Based Table Top Adaptation of the Digital Game, Plunder and Perils - Table Top Race Game

  • Other: Defensive Lineman Simulation - Simulation based on The Defensive Line of Football, To Live - Pen and Paper RPG, Epic Hero Time - Card Game, Rolls for Souls - Dice Game


  • DigiPen Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science in Game Design (Graduate, 2016)

  • Michigan State University - Pre-Med/Psychology (2008-2009)

Other Work Experience

  • Fred Meyer - HBA/Candy Clerk (June 2014 - November 2014)

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