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The Broken Bond

The Broken Bond

The Broken Bond tells the story of four companions. You, Valdor the brutish Dwarf, Thandor the vigilant Elf, and Anwen the daring woman. The bond these characters share is quickly established, but then just as quickly taken away when Anwen is taken hostage by a Necromancer and taken to his evil church.


Throughout the story the player will learn more of the bonds between your companions, but more importantly the bonds they have with you.


The Broken Bond was my first foray into creating a game consisting entirely of narrative. There is no fancy tech in TBB, but I feel like I did a good job of telling a story with branching dialogue. The primary theme required for this project was "Fellowship" and I wanted to show that through text alone. This handicapped me a little bit since I had to create a compelling narrative with very little actual "gameplay," but overall I feel like I really accomplished that with the dialogue and narrative.

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