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Colors is a 2D platformer where the player must combine an remove the primary colors to solve puzzles. The primary theme for this project had to be "Exploration," but instead of creating an open world game I wanted to create a game that forced the player to meet certain criteria  before they could explore.


In Colors the player is by default a white cube, but through the game they can absorb the colors Red, Blue, and Yellow to change into that color. From there players can absorb another primary color and will then become a secondary color. This is where I really succeeded with the gameplay, now players had to add and subtract colors to progress through the game.


This was also the first game where I created custom music for the game. At the time of this project I had very little experience with music in general, so I felt like I got a lot out of learning how to use MixCraft to create a simple song.


Overall Colors was a great learning experience. I took a symbol concept and art style and used that to create an enjoyable experience.

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