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Brawlsa is a beat-em-up platformer. You play as a Luchador who is trapped in a laboratory. As you make your way through the lab you will find masks; each mask offers a unique ability (as well as a new wrestling persona).


Brawlsa was made from the ground up by a group of 7 students, including myself, over the course of the 2012/2013 school year at DigiPen Institute of Technology.


I was the Producer, Lead Designer, and Art Director for Brawlsa. I designed the enemies, the character, the environment, as well as the different masks and abilities that the player collects. I worked on pretty much everything (the core engine being the least); I recruited and managed the art team, I worked really closely with Nick Nodiff to get a character that would really stand out.


One of the struggles we dealt with during the project was losing team members, we were originally 7 people strong, but by the end of the first semester we were down to 4. Because we lost about half our team we had to scale down in scope, this unfortunately lead to a lot of cuts that we wish could have made it in the game.



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